When someone receives a marketing email, it is likely that they immediately move it to their trash folder. However, engaging subject lines and content can entice someone to read these emails.

Email marketing is easily overlooked by most businesses, but it is in fact one of the best ways to garner new clients. However, this will only be effective if it is done properly. Once done so, you can get higher conversions and sales. To learn how to write an effective marketing email, read on further:

Catch Attention with the Subject Line

Most email software allow people to delete emails without reading them. So, it is important to create a good subject line that will compel your readers to open the email. Otherwise, straight to the trash folder your email goes.

To create an effective subject line, you must sound engaging and unique. Include an action word if possible, but also do not come off too strong. Standing out from other marketing emails is key in getting them to click on yours.

Personalize, Not Generalize

While general email content may sound easier and better, it can also easily lead you to failure. A personalized email is known to perform better than others. You can do this in different ways, such as including the name of each person you are emailing or creating content specifically for your audience.

This will make the receiver feel like they are being communicated with properly. Personalized emails are also more appealing and engaging. 

Clear and Catchy

Many businesses focus on keeping their emails catchy, which indeed works. However, the problem for many is that they focus too much on making catchy emails that they lose their message.

When creating emails, it is important to be both clear and creative. You need to be able to be catchy to pique their interest, but also deliver the right message to avoid being confusing.

Sell Your Benefits

While it may be tempting to talk about all the features your product or service offers, other people may not see it as beneficial as you do. Instead of focusing on what your business can offer, focus on why people should purchase the item. 

This creates not only more valuable and interesting content but also sets expectations. It lets your audience know how your business can be useful for them.

Use the Second Person Voice

The second person voice is the most appropriate voice for your emails. It sounds more personal and direct while maintaining professionalism.

Writing in the second voice allows for your audience to feel like you are communicating with them directly. This makes it easier for you to form a connection with your audience. Through building a connection with them, it would most likely sell your product or service better.

Make It Relevant

Aside from just selling your product or service as is, try to sell it with relevance. Try to place the use of your product in current events and issues that people face. Take advantage of the demands and needs of your audience and let them know how your product can help.


Email marketing can be useful only if you know how to write one properly. It can be a great source of conversions and new customers. By following our tips, you should be able to come up with a great email for marketing.

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