The pandemic forced businesses, especially those with brick-and-mortar shops, to look for new ways to reach their audiences online. This further emphasized the importance of having a well-designed website.

When it comes to user experience, you only have around 50 milliseconds to make a first impression. This means less than a second is enough time for visitors to decide whether they want to bounce off to another site or stay on yours.

To ensure you create the right impression and encourage prospects to learn more about what you offer, you should make sure to familiarize yourself with common web design practices and use them on your website. Here are some of them:

Use Well-Thought-Out Visuals

Images and videos are more engaging and easier to digest than written content. They can also convey your brand messaging and story better than text. This is why instead of adding a textual explanation about your products or services, use infographics, diagrams, and explanatory clips.

This visual content must be self-explanatory. It should also showcase the best features and benefits of your offerings. If necessary, add little text to supplement your photos and videos.

Keep Text to a Minimum

People are bombarded with too much information. If your website visitors are welcomed by massive text blocks or your content is difficult to comprehend right away, they are likely to exit the tab and move on to your competitor’s website. Prevent this from happening by keeping your text to a minimum.

Effective website copywriting is the way to go. Avoid using large walls of text and write snappy sentences instead. Describe your products and services using as little text as possible while ensuring your content contains in-depth information your potential customers need to know about your offerings.

It’s also advisable to use shorter paragraphs filled with fresh, relevant information. If you need to use longer sentences, mix them up with shorter ones for variety.

Invest in SEO

Besides web design practices, learn more about good search engine optimization (SEO) practices to ensure your website’s success. It involves adding relevant keywords to your content, but this strategy is more complicated than that. It requires you to focus on different on-page elements, like keyword optimization, internal linking, mobile-friendliness, ease of navigation, and user experience.

Let search engine crawlers examine your content more easily with a well-constructed XML sitemap. This sitemap shows crawlers show your location, updates, and the connection among all of your web pages. It also avoids content and web page duplication. Collaborate with a trusted digital marketing agency to make this sitemap.

Use the Right Color Scheme

Your branding is your company’s identity. Because of this, make sure your web design reflects your overall branding strategy. For instance, your website’s color scheme must be consistent with your branding to allow your customers to easily recognize you across different marketing channels.


E-commerce purchases in 2023 are expected to make up for 22 percent of the global goods market. Since customers are attracted to well-designed websites, don’t miss out on the opportunity to grow your business online by keeping these web design practices in mind. If you’re now ready to give your website a boost in aesthetic appeal and performance, seek web design services today.

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