Businesses often rely on many marketing strategies that will greatly help boost their sales. Their plans would work most of the time, and they would enjoy a few months of continuous sales and consistent lead generation. However, there is one thing that digital marketers often overlook while they are trying to spread the branding message. That is the realization that the Google search functionality is a very powerful yet underutilized tool.

There may be no relation between marketing and the search engine for many uninitiated marketing newbies. However, for experienced practitioners, it is all about optimizing the platform to rank higher amongst the countless search results. 

User intent is often ignored as it solely focuses on what the target market is looking for, but do not forget that the market’s need is what you should focus on, as it spells perfect opportunity for you. If you want to know more about user intent, what it’s all about, and what it has to offer towards a blooming company, look no further than the following pieces of information we have written below.

First of All, What Is User Intent?

Basically, user intent refers to what the target market is looking for whenever they use Google’s search engine. It answers the question as to what they intend to find.

People have different reasons to use the platform to find what they are looking for. The solutions are the answers, while the intent is the question. You may argue that the inquiries or keywords they have typed are the questions themselves, but those are merely commands they would have to input for Google to recognize what they are really looking for.

Of course, they do not always find their answers with just one try. If you happen to type the word apple, Google may give you a mixed bag of fruits and a smartphone brand. A more specific keyword may work in your favor; nonetheless, you will still get your answers after just a few tries.

How Does User Intent Help Companies and Digital Marketers?

Those who love to do their market research regularly will be able to take advantage of the keywords and inquiries searched for by the target audience. You cannot fulfill your customers’ needs if you do not even know what they require. By studying their usual searches, you will get a general idea of their inquiries and whether or not you have the products and services they need.

What Are the Types of User Intent?

There are three types of user intent, and they are all straightforward. Informational user intent refers to the need for an answer or information about a certain topic. Navigational user intent is all about trying to get a direct link towards a specific website. Lastly, transactional user intent leads to online transactions and purchases.

By now, you know how important user intent is, as all three would work in a company’s favor with the right amount of marketing and promotional execution online.


User intent isn’t really mainstream knowledge for many, but it is a gold mine that is just waiting to be discovered for modern business and digital marketers. Don’t be left behind and invest in a good market research strategy so that you would know what your target audience’s usual searches are.

Familiarize yourself with its nature, usage, and purpose, and you may just be able to take advantage of the marketing opportunities it can open for your company.

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