Is your website lagging in terms of views, visits, and purchases for reasons you can’t discern? Here’s a straight answer: your website badly needs a redesign right now.

In today’s online world, a website is a must for any personality or company to grow their business. Regular and potential customers spend more than 10 hours a day online to either work, browse, connect with loved ones via social media, or shop for their favorite items.

This transition from traditional retail to online is an opportunity one cannot overlook. Web design and SEO (search engine optimization) must be on point to capture a user’s attention even when at a search page index. Their landing page must be glitch and hang-free to retain site visits and prevent shifting to a competitor’s website.

But how do you know if it’s time for an update for your own site? Here are five alarming signs your website badly needs a redesign:

Slow Loading Speed

Remember what we mentioned earlier about being glitch- and hang-free? They fall under this first sign. Websites that don’t load in under ten seconds struggle with customer retention. In fact, instead of waiting for everything to load, they exit your site and look for another that can load faster. 

Web design and SEO are crucial to hitting the ideal loading speed as it fixes everything in the back-end to make everything in the front-end a much better experience.

Speaking of experience…

Clunky User Experience (UX)

Websites that retain the 90s feel of mismatched fonts and tiled designs or the 00s vibe of multiple options with clunky buttons are sure to keep customer retention and sales low.

Modern websites need a clean, simple layout with a maximum of two fonts (one for the main titles and another for the subheadings) and clear, hi-res photos on all pages. This visual symmetry and clarity will make it easy for a child, an adult, and even a senior citizen to navigate.

Outdated Brand Personality

Similar to a website’s UX is its outdated brand personality. A business’ corporate identity and image may have changed over time, but is it reflected in the website? Is the new logo up? Are the mission, vision, and core values reflective of the company today and not ten years ago when the website was first published?

If your answer to most of those questions is “No,” get to it! Your website is the virtual extension of your company’s brand.

Weak SEO

Search engine optimization draws Internet users to your site as it ranks in a search engine’s index. While the higher your rank, the more visible you are, the converse is also true. Low SEO ranking means your website isn’t even in the ten pages of a search engine index, leading to low visits.

Thus, web design and SEO go hand-in-hand. Your site needs Internet marketing to go along with its simplified UX. Partner with digital agencies specializing in SEO to brainstorm, create, and drive industry-related content online to convert page visits into sales.

Omnichannel Visibility

Websites have evolved from their traditional desktop-and-laptop-only access points. Since the launch of the iPhone in 2007, mobile devices such as smartphones, Android devices, tablets, and pads joined their computing cousins as modern access points to the Internet.

Thus, a website’s resolution and pixels must also be mobile-friendly, customized to accommodate various screen sizes. Ignoring this feature will cost your business as there are over six billion smartphone subscriptions worldwide.

Closing Thoughts

If your website suffers from even one of these signs, it badly needs a redesign now! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to grow your business by connecting with new customers online with a simple, straightforward website with excellent UX and eye-catching content. It will make all the difference in this brave new world.

Reach out to Symmetry Design today to create your updated website today! We’re a digital advertising agency in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that serves clients with high-quality services in SEO, social media marketing, logo design, copywriting, and more!