Now that the whole world is going digital, it is expected that a business without a website is bound to lose many opportunities. But having one without enough traffic or visitors would not help much in the growth of your business either. 

A website is specially designed to benefit potential customers. The number of visitors reflects the number of opportunities that your business comes across. At the end of the day, your website should work on generating enough qualified leads, building customer relationships, and expanding the reach of your business, or else it means a failed investment.

Fortunately, making search engines notice your website is possible. Here are some tricks you can use to make Google pay extra attention to your site. 

  • Set Target Keywords Per Page

Google is pretty technical when it comes to ranking pages. It generally pays more attention to web pages that are well crafted for a particular purpose. For example, a page specially made for a specific topic would do well if it also uses high-volume and relevant keywords. 

When this keyword is present and used naturally in the article and is also included in the article’s headings, title, and tags of the article, then it can increase the chances of your web page appearing on the first page of the search results. 

  • Design Each Page for Easy Crawling

Search engines use crawlers to discover new pages available on the web and bring back the data to Google’s servers for future use. Your goal is for these crawlers to easily spot new web pages and store them on its server for quick retrieval once people search them. Here are some ways you can make crawling simpler for Google:

  • Add the keywords to the following: title, URL, meta description, and image alt tags
  • Link related internal pages to other parts of your website
  • Conduct regular personal SEO audit for your website to check its status and how else you can improve it


  • Add More Blog Content

Your efforts should not stop after creating the website. It will help if you continue to produce online content to help your search engines recognize your website. If you want to give your website a higher chance of appearing on search engines, you must create content that people would find helpful. Doing so would also make your website relevant to people and make it appear more frequently in search results.

  • Add Your Website to All Possible Online Platforms

Be strategic and add your website address to all available online platforms. Add it to the website corner on your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business (GMB),,, and more. People who are curious enough will check this part of your profile. When they see the link to your site, it would be easy to visit and browse your page directly.

  • Secure a Verification

Make sure that you also verify your GMB profile. Once your profile is verified, you can control and view the data available in the Knowledge Panel. It enables you to see insights such as the types of searches that lead people to your business profile, where people see your GMB listing, and more. It would also allow companies and organizations to provide feedback on the available data. 


Website visibility is dependent on many factors, and all of them must be considered from the conceptualization to the creation of the website. Online visibility allows your business to establish a reputation. It also enables users to find your site organically. 

The more people know about your business, the better the chances for your business to do well. One of the best ways to increase your site visibility is to rank well in search engines, and that is where your SEO efforts can come into play.

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