Many organizations tend to have entirely separate departments for the SEO (search engine optimization) team that focuses on organic search and the paid search team that runs PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns. They often run parallel to each other and even cross over into full competition in certain cases. However, Google has done research that shows that the two actually work together quite well. 

Google has found that when a site performs well in organic search results (meaning it ranks high in Maps and other results, without having to pay anything to get there), they will also tend to increase their click-through rate for their PPC ads on the same SERP (search engine results pages). This means they show up higher on the same results page.

SEO vs. PPC: What Are the Differences?

The moment you start looking into factors that involve deciding how to invest your online marketing budget and time, a couple of key distinctions must be considered. This includes the difference between SEO and PPC.

SEO improvements can help a website rank high on Google Search considerably. This happens since the content then becomes more relevant to users. On the other hand, PPC ads, such as Google Ads, are paid online advertisements that let website owners and businesses bid on the opportunity to have an ad that shows next to searches.

Using PPC and organic together for search marketing

In order to take advantage of PPC and organic search’s connection, it’s vital for both teams to come together. In that way, they can unite and really understand uniting to work towards a single goal. Looking to increase exposure for organic keywords that don’t necessarily rank quite high, for example, will do well to have a campaign behind it that has steps like:

  • Bring paid and organic search terms together, giving set goals for the integrated campaign.
  • Develop a campaign emphasizing both keyword sets’ exposures.
  • Focusing on bringing organic search efforts with a high search volume but a page ranking between 4 to 10 with PPC keywords that perform well.
  • Monitor keyword performance throughout the campaign, alongside competitor progress.

Traffic Brings In More Traffic

It should be noted that zero data exists suggesting a direct link between paid search ad activation and organic ranking going up for a specific term. That said, running paid ads does help to increase overall organic rankings and traffic. Momentum is what it’s all about; more engagement, traffic, and brand awareness is key.

Engagement Metrics

Google’s algorithm makes use of Rankbrain, an AI program meant to understand human interaction alongside digital content. Engagement metrics looking up mean that rankings will be on an upswing as well. Initial exposure for a brand goes well when paid advertising is at play, getting people to engage with the content in question.


Search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising alike have a key role in search marketing. Online marketing resources are best spent by uniting the two instead of having separate departments. Running paid ads helps increase traffic and organic rankings overall.

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