A dull website is problematic for any digital marketer. Without a regular blog, it’s hard to keep web content fresh. It doesn’t matter what industry a business belongs to; they need to post relevant, engaging, and helpful content to get more leads and convert them into actual customers. 

If you’re still unconvinced, Symmetric Design, an established digital marketing agency in Tulsa, shares some reasons blogging is important for digital marketers:

Blogging Drives Traffic

Blogging is the best way to get your website found online. It shows up in search engine result pages (SERPs) and drives targeted leads to your website. This is especially important for digital marketers. As a digital marketer, your job is to drive traffic to your site by using different social media platforms, SEO, and paid ads. The more traffic you generate, the more leads and closes you’ll have.

It Generates More Leads

Blogs work as a lead generation tool. When you blog and share valuable information, you’re adding value to the lives of your readers. In return, they’re more likely to share your content on different social media platforms, which can drive targeted traffic to your website.

When you convert your blog into a lead capture page, you can capture leads and follow up with them to convert them into actual customers.

It Establishes Brand Authority

Being a leader in your industry is vital for any digital marketer. You need to be in a position of power where your audience will look to you for advice and suggestions. Blogging allows you to tap into your power and authority. It allows you to provide information, build connections, and brand yourself as a reliable source of valuable information.

It Gains People’s Trust

As a digital marketer, it’s important to create trust among your audience. It becomes difficult to build trust when you have no blog or a poorly maintained blog. If you make a blog where you publish consistently and provide valuable information, you can gain the confidence of your audience. When you build trust and give advice, you’ll become more powerful in your industry.

It Helps Brands Develop Identity

Brand identity development is another area where blogging plays a crucial role. Just as digital marketers are responsible for brand identity development, so is your blog. This is where you should talk about yourself, your business, your products, and why your target audience needs to be involved. To develop a long-term relationship with your audience, you need to be transparent and honest.

It Expands Your Audience Base

Whether it’s a blog or a website, you need to expand your audience base continually. Your audience is your potential leads and customers, and growing your potential customers is the ultimate goal of any digital marketer.

By blogging and driving traffic to your blog, you’re increasing your reach. You’re reaching new audiences interested in your products and services, and you’re expanding your reach across different social media platforms.


Every SEO agency in Tulsa knows that blogging is the best way to get your content in front of new audiences. It allows you to build a relationship with new leads, and when you blog regularly, you’re able to tap into your power, authority, trust, and identity. And most importantly, you’re able to generate leads and close them into customers.

Symmetric Design is a reputable digital marketing agency in Tulsa that can help you with blogging and all your other digital marketing needs. Contact our team today so we can discuss what we can do for you!