Most businesses nowadays have an online presence, but those ready to take their credibility further need a responsive and well-designed website. Decades ago, websites were a marketing afterthought as they only served to inform readers in a lackluster and clunky format. But in recent years, websites have evolved into the main point of reference for anyone searching for your services, products, how-to guides, or even musings. 

In the vastness of the internet and all the rabbit holes it holds, a website serves as a virtual home. Other marketing channels like social media may spotlight in 2021, but this and other platforms are like funnels that ultimately lead users to your website. With that in mind, web design now takes center stage in ensuring your website aligns with your business goals. 

What Makes a Successful and Results-Oriented Web Design?

Understand Your Buyer’s Persona 

Your website is the digital culmination of your brand, which means its contents need to inform curious readers about who you are and what makes your business unique. But before you can convince your audience to choose you above your competitors, it’s important to identify your buyer personas in the first place so you can understand their unique interests and challenges. 

Map Out the Buyer’s Journey 

With a persona in mind, you can map out the buyer’s journey and tailor it in a way that meets their individual needs. Web design can take that data and apply it to create targeted content that aids every stage of the buyer’s journey throughout your website. 

For example, your home page may enhance the awareness stage by giving concise details about your services. Your articles, videos, and other content can deepen their trust in your brand and help users in their consideration stage, while an optimized landing page with a killer call-to-action can result in more conversions during the decision stage. 

Logical Sitemap and Quality Content 

Your readers need to smoothly navigate your website without getting lost in the process, so part of an effective web design is to create a logical sitemap with the user experience in mind. Categorizing your content into the following can make it easier to explore your website:

  • About
  • Our Team
  • Contact Us
  • Mission & Values
  • Products/Services
  • Pricing
  • Basic
  • Pro
  • Premium
  • Blog

Each page has a part to play in reaching your website objectives, so it’s just as important to write compelling content for each one. 

The Bottom Line: The Role of Web Design in Your Website’s Success

A website goes beyond being a glorified digital brochure—it’s a space that bridges the gap between brands and target audiences. So other than beautifying your website, web design aims to incorporate elements that convey your brand’s message and generate results that meet your goals. 

Are You Looking for a Digital Marketing Agency in Tulsa, Oklahoma?

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