Many business owners can be hesitant about spending money on online marketing especially if it feels like a new concept and they have never done it before. We understand that, and transitioning from the old school way of advertising (billboards, print, word of mouth etc.) can be an adjustment at first. 

So why should Google AdWords be part of your online strategy? In truth, the results of Google AdWords are pretty automatic and transparent. The ROI (return on investment) is almost instant. 

Read on to learn more about what makes Google AdWords beneficial for business growth:

Google AdWords Boosts Brand Awareness

What does “brand awareness” really mean? Basically – people need to know you exist. And if you haven’t been advertising online, they may have never heard of you before. 

Aside from boosting clicks, conversions, and traffic, Google AdWords is a very helpful brand awareness tool. Google ran a study partnered with Ipsos to back this claim. The coverage was across 12 verticals, ranging from retail to automobiles. Search ads can improve top-of-mind awareness at a rough average of a little over 6 percent.

Brand awareness increasing through display ads and search is helpful to search engine optimization (SEO) ranking, too.

Google Adwords Helps to Widen Your Reach Because of Gmail

Email marketing is used by practically every business for marketing. Google integrated both Google AdWords and native Gmail ads in 2015. Advertisers across the board have had these available to them. It means that you can directly reach more possible leads through the inbox of their Gmail account.

While Gmail ads are usually found on the promotion tab, there are times when it appears on the social tab as well. Whether a user is checking their email via mobile or desktop, the ads will run.

It’s particularly helpful for people whose budgets aren’t very big. Gmail ads are generally more affordable than search ads.

Google Adwords Is a Great Way to Measure Performance in Real-Time

Calculating the ROI from Google AdWords is much easier than what traditional marketing would cost. Metrics that can be tracked in real-time include:

  • Cost per lead
  • Identity of people who click on your ad
  • Number of generated leads
  • Top-performing keyword with the most traffic and leads

Google Adwords Yields Quicker Results than Search Engine Optimization

While SEO is the cornerstone of digital marketing because it is extremely effective, the results can take a while. 

An AdWords campaign that’s well-optimized is a great way to get the first spot amongst SERPs (search engine results pages). Key reasons about how effective and quick the results of Google AdWords include, but are not limited to:

  • Ads at the very top of a page equate to visibility that’s ideal.
  • It is possible for the campaign to stop and start as needed.
  • It is possible to zero in on multiple keywords at a time.

However, it should be noted that this does not mean SEO should be abandoned in favor of Google AdWords. Quite the opposite. The ideal scenario is for the two to end up working together to create the ultimate funnel of leads to your site.


Google AdWords is a marketing strategy that works best alongside SEO. Investing in it has a nearly instant ROI. It’s beneficial for business growth because it’s a great way to measure real-time performance, results are quicker than SEO, and brand awareness gets a boost.

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