Digital Growth Assessment

Does your business have an effective digital strategy to generate revenue?

In this workshop, we’ll work with you and your team to answer the big questions about your digital strategy so that it’s in alignment with your business goals. We focus on the metrics that matter, leads, sales, and revenue – not vanity metrics.
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What You Get

Keyword Opportunities

This initial keyword research phase, what we’re looking for is value, search volume, and competitive difficulty. These metrics will determine our overall strategy for your SEO campaign, and help us prioritize keywords that will generate the most ROI.

Competitor Analysis
We use a variety of tools (Google Analytics, Ahrefs, SEMRush) to pull data and benchmark where your website falls compared to the competition. Then we get to work solving problems and closing gaps in the places you’re falling short.
Revenue Forecast
Based on our keyword and competitor research, we will identify lucrative keyword opportunities to drive business growth and forecast the additional revenue they can generate through tailored digital strategies and continuous optimization.
Sitemap Development
After we’ve identified the target keywords, the next step is to map them out and assign them to a page of content on your site. If that page doesn’t exist, then it needs to be created, and keyword rich content needs to be developed.
Website Audit
A big part of a successful SEO campaign is giving Google what it wants. Google only ranks technically sound websites. So we perform an SEO audit to uncover any technical issues your site may have.
Strategy Consultation
In this consultation, we delve into the intricacies of your SEO Discovery results to outline a digital strategy specifically geared towards revenue growth. Our priority is to simplify the complexity of these findings, ensuring you grasp every aspect clearly. Anticipate not only tangible results but also a thorough comprehension of the process. Furthermore, we offer personalized recommendations and stand ready to address any inquiries you might have along the way.
What You Get

Premium Website

What You Get

Starter Website