5 Reasons Why Startup Businesses Need to Invest on a Logo

Symmetric Design     September 16th, 2021
Logo designer at work

Some business owners think that a company logo is the least important part of establishing a brand. However, a logo is where a brand begins. It’s a way for people to identify the products and services offered by the company. A logo is also responsible for recall and recognition. Here are other reasons why startup businesses need to invest in a logo.

  • A Logo Represents the Brand

The company’s logo is the first thing consumers see on a product. Attention span is shorter these days, especially for customers. Every business has at least two seconds to capture a market’s attention, securing a lead or a sale. The logo’s role is to be the company’s attraction—it should be attractive and reflective of the brand itself.

The logo should communicate with people, especially those with short attention spans. At a glance, a customer should develop an interest in checking out the products or services a company has to offer. Therefore, if a logo sells to the company’s target audience, then there is a massive chance that half of the work is done.

  • First Impressions Last

Many business owners put up new businesses every year. There is a massive chance that two companies or more can have the same concept, product, or service offered. But how does your business stand out from its competitors? Through the logo. Keep in mind that first impressions last.

Assuming the logo is the first thing people see in a company, it should positively affect potential customers. The logo should be enticing enough that people want to know more about the company, what it does, and what it can do in the future. If not, people will lose interest and move to the next business that delivers what your business’ logo delivers. Keep in mind that at one glance, your logo should invite people, not push them away.

  • Provides Recall

Being memorable is vital in business. People should remember your company first among other companies around them. Therefore, investing in a logo that’s designed for the recall is essential. Most of the time, companies with the most straightforward logos are more memorable than those with complex designs. Keep the logo simple and let its design speak for the company every time people see it.

The logo should also tell a story. Although the design is simple, the message it points across should say to the company’s story, its people, and the management. Even if it’s plain, it should tell the potential customers the entire narrative on which the brand was built. The elements should translate from the logo to all the branding materials used in the future.

  • Distinction From the Competition

Logos are a point of identification. They are symbols used by various companies to provide identity to their brand. Therefore, creating a logo for your business should allow people to identify and relate to the brand despite other companies available in the market.

Since logos are visual elements, it triggers positive recall about your brand that a company’s name can’t do alone. Most of the time, customers forget the brand’s name but never the company’s logo. A logo is a key to associating your brand with people.

  • Consistency

Branding is a vital part of establishing a business. Most of the time, branding requires consistency—colors, fonts, designs, and even logos. It’s essential to train people to identify a brand based on their company color, design elements, and presentation. People should learn to identify and master the brand based on simple visual cues that are consistent on all platforms.


At the end of the day, the last thing a consumer sees and remembers is the company logo. Even without the words, a shape, design element, or font, will identify itself as the brand that people support. If you’re starting a new business, focus on designing a great logo that people will resonate with.

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